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Our Journey

March, 2020

Liquid Avatar Started

Aug, 2020

Added ability to create a Verifiable Credential

Oct, 2020

Verifiable Credentials supports Passport, National ID and Drivers License

Nov, 2020

Joined TOIP, Lumedic Exchange

Dec, 2020

Node Operator Indicio Identity network

Feb, 2021

Partner with Indicio 

March, 2021

Attended ID2020

Apr, 2021

Founding member of Cardea

May, 2021

Implemented Q&A protocol

June, 2021

Open Standards Health Credential

Aug, 2021

Added support for COVID Verifiable Credentials

Sep, 2021

Attended Cardea Interophaton no. 1

Oct, 2021

Integration with POS network

Nov, 2021

OOB Support

Jan, 2022

Added Proof of Humanity Verifiable Credential

Sep, 2022

Attended Cardea Interophaton no. 2

Nov, 2022

Added 11 server to meet worldwide jurisdiction requirements.

March, 2023

Open IDConnect Integration

March, 2023

First Metaverse Integration - AfterMath Islands

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